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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Open free Domiciliary Account With GTBank, First , Zenith & Other Banks In Nigeria

Open free Domiciliary Account With GTBank, First , Zenith & Other Banks In Nigeria
In this post I will show you how to open domiciliary account In Nigeria with GT Bank, Zenith Bank, Union Bank and any other banks within 48-72 hours. But before I go into details of showing you how to open domiciliary account with GTbanks, First bank of Nigeria, and Zenith bank, let’s know the meaning of domiciliary account.
What is domiciliary account?
Domiciliary account is a special type of bank account that is run with foreign currency. A domiciliary account allows costumers to save money in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euro with your money valued at the prevailing exchange rate. This account is funded through bank deposits, traveler’s cheques, cash inflows and lodgment of foreign currency cheques. It is an account which allows customers to Receive and send hard currency. With a domiciliary account you can run and maintain a Dollar account, Pounds Sterling, Euro and Japanese account here in Nigeria.
Types of Domiciliary Account
There are two types of domiciliary account, which a person can operate in Nigeria; they are – Savings domiciliary account and a Current domiciliary account.
A savings domiciliary bank account is a foreign currency account that allows the person to save money in foreign currencies and be able to withdraw it using a bank teller.
A current domiciliary bank account on the other hand is like a current account, and businesses or businesspersons normally use it.
It is a type of account that can do about the same things like a savings account and with the ability to issue cheques to third parties, but current domiciliary account might attract more fees for usage than a savings domiciliary account.

If you are a Blogger and a publisher with Google Adsense, you can use your Dorm account to receive your Adsense payment from Google. It is also another means to transfer or send money from Nigeria to any country abroad.
You can transfer money from one domiciliary account to another domiciliary account holder through the help of the Internet banking; you can transfer money from one domiciliary account to another domiciliary account holder
international business men/women or you want send money from Nigeria to your family member, relative or friend abroad; you need to have a domiciliary account. Domiciliary account is an even better alternative to PayPal or payooner account
To open a domiciliary account with Gtbank in Nigeria, You will be asked to provide the following at any of the GTB Bank Branches in Nigeria

    Identification Card– means of identification is required; It could be your Nigeria driver’s licence, international passport or national identity card.
    2 passport photos – two recently taken passport photographs are need
    2 Referees – two persons that would serve as referee and fill each of the two reference forms that will be issued to you as required. Both referees need to have a current account each preferably with GTbank or Zenith Bank  to facilitate opening of the account.
    Utility bills – photocopy of your utility bill issued in not more than three months ago is required. PHCN bill, telephone bill, sanitary bill or Water bill; any one of them can serve.


    Visit any Gtbank branch closest to you, Walk to the customer care department and request that you want to open a domiciliary, If you already operate an account with gtbank, (savings) then you are ok but if NOT, you will be asked open a Naira account before a GT Bank domiciliary account will be opened for you.
    You will be given a foreign currency domiciliary account opening form to fill with two extra reference form. The essence for the reference form is to find two current account holders that will stand for you. Then go home and look for two current account holder to sign for you, not only gtbank current account holder, but any other current account holder from any bank
    Submit the dorm account forms and within 48hours, you will receive an SMS from GT Bank informing you that your GT Bank domiciliary account has been opened

Zenith bank is one of the many Nigerian banks which offers domiciliary account services to its customers.
Zenith Bank Plc, founded by Jim Ovia in 1990, has since grown astronomically to become one of the leading financial institutions in Africa. Zenith Bank Plc currently ranks as the 6th biggest bank in the continent. The Bank grew its shareholder’s fund of ₦20million in 1990 t0 ₦509.25billion as at year end 2013. Today, the Bank continues to thrive on the strong values, brand equity, corporate culture of professionalism and service excellence which are the foundations upon which the bank was buil
Opening domiciliary account with Zenith bank is very easy and simple especially if you have an existing account, saving or current which you have run for at least 6 months with Zenith bank
Just like with GT Bank, the process of opening a Zenith bank domiciliary account involves you going to the Zenith bank ranch, requesting to the account opening form and if you met the requirements, the a Zenith bank domiciliary account will be opened for you

Best of luck as you go about opening your FirstBank, GT Bank Zenith Bank or Access Bank domiciliary account or any other bank you choose to open a domiciliary account with
A domiciliary account is a special account which allows customers to Receive and send hard currency.

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