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Saturday, October 7, 2017

We Would Have Monuments, More Monuments, And Other North Korean Buildings

 We Would Have Monuments, More Monuments, And Other North Korean Buildings

via: toptenz.net
It’s not that much of a stretch to think that we would see a lot more monuments honoring North Korean leaders (and a lot less of those that honor anything or anybody else) under North Korean rule. One of the more notable monuments in the rogue state is the Ch’ollima, a 20-meter high bronze statue of Kim Il-sung. So, a great deal of 20-meter-high bronze statues could be expected — maybe with some variations, if we’re lucky.

The U.S. might also be filled to the brim with triangular-shaped complexes, especially hotels. And that’s not because the buildings in North Korea are shaped like triangles. In fact, many feature traditional tiled roof designs. Our hypothesis is based on the fact that one of the most striking buildings in North Korea, the Ryugyong Hotel, has a triangle-esque shape. It’s described as being the tallest in the world (with an impressive 105 stories).

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