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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Isreal retaliation on Syria: Israel Terror-Bombs Syria Again With a massive missile attack

Isreal  retaliation on Syria:  Israel Terror-Bombs Syria Again With a massive missile attack  Israel Terror-Bombs Syria Again | israel-bombing-syria | Special Interests War Propaganda World News  headline [image: © Twitter/ Hadi Albhara] It’s done it numerous times before, the world community failing to hold it accountable for aggression – encouraging further attacks at its discretion. On Monday, Israel warplanes struck an anti-aircraft battery 50 km east of Damascus, operating illegally from Lebanese airspace, treating it like its own – ahead of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s scheduled visit this week, his first since assuming his position. Syria and Iran are key topics for discussion, Russia and Israel worlds apart on them. Both countries coordinate their regional activities to avoid conflict. On Monday, an IDF spokesperson claimed Israeli reconnaissance aircraft in Lebanese airspace were lunched  from Syria, highly unlikely. No evidence suggests Israel’s accusation is valid. Like Washington, it look pretexts for aggressive attacks – against Gaza, Lebanon earlier and often targeting Syria, aiming to provoke a military response not forthcoming. Sophisticated Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems protect Syrian airspace. They can counter aerial threats cross-border in Lebanon. If Syria wanted to target Israeli aircraft in its airspace, they’d be accurately struck and destroyed. According to the IDF spokesperson, alleged Syrian missiles failed to hit their target – virtually certain because none were fired. Israel unjustifiably justifies its aggression with bald-faced lies, how all rogue states operate, Israel the world’s leading menace after America. IDF Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the Syrian target struck was destroyed. He lied claiming Israel doesn’t seek to destabilize things in Syria. Its regime is allied with Washington’s war of aggression, aiming to topple Assad, destroy Syrian sovereignty, partition the country, and install puppet governance replacing Damascus rule. Both regimes actively support ISIS, al Nusra, and other terrorists in Syria, providing them weapons, munitions and other material support. Israel treats their wounded fighters in field hospitals near Syria’s border. It wants Syrian and Iranian sovereign independence replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes to assert regional dominance along with America. Submit your review and advertise with us .

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